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Listen to pages with ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker can read the web-page in different ways:

  • You can select text by highlighting, clicking on the "Read Text" button and ReadSpeaker will read the selected text only.
  • If you have not selected text, ReadSpeaker will read according to the options you have chosen under "Settings". There you can choose if you want the "Read Text" button to read the text only, the whole page including links or section by section.
  • If you have chosen to listen to one section at a time, the read section will be highlighted while read. To have the next section read, click the "Read Text" button again.


ReadSpeaker offers different ways of navigating around the site:

  • Choose a link by clicking on it with the mouse or use the Tab-key to move between links.
  • Choose a link by listening to the link list and write the link-number in link field (Alt + N) and click Enter or click or "Go To" (Alt + G).
  • Choose a link by the entering the link-name in link field (Alt + N) and click Enter or click on "Go To" (Alt + G).
It assists in the navigation of our website for the following sections of the population:
  • Those with low literacy and reading skills
  • Those where English is not the first language
  • Dyslexic people
  • Those with mild visual impairment

Possible Accessibility Problems

  • Links to external websites

    Off-site links open in a new browser window.
  • Maps

    We use multimap for online maps. Maps open in a new browser window.

Fife Council Language Line Service

We have set up five dedicated Language Lines to enable people from the major black, minority ethnic communities in Fife to contact us directly in their own language. By calling any of the Language Lines we can quickly connect with a professional interpreter to enable a three-way conversation to begin. This will enable direct access to a customer advisor who can assist with any queries or questions you may have.

The five Language Lines are:

Urdu / Punjabi 03451 55 55 66 /  Chinese 03451 55 55 88 /  Bengali 03451 55 55 99 /  Arabic 03451 55 55 77 /  Polish 03451 55 55 44
Calls cost 3-5p per minute from a UK landline, mobile rates may vary.

You can also access the Language Line service when you visit any of our Local Service Centres (formerly Local Offices). Through our partnership with the National Interpreting Service we can connect to an interpreter over the telephone and assist you directly.

Alternative Formats Line

If you, or someone you know, would like to request information from Fife Council in a language other than English, or in an alternative format such as large print, Braille, on tape etc please call 03451 55 55 00.

Deaf customers can use our BT Text Direct number 18001 03451 55 55 00 to contact the council directly or can fax us on 01592 41 73 73.

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